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Through my art, I hope people will better understand and connect with the Las Vegas gaming scene. There is a great deal of artistic merit in the casino life, and play, of Las Vegas than has yet been attempted. Aiming to make a very positive impression on The Entertainment Capital of the World, GuilArt offers fine art, and at a very modest price. Check out my Shop, browse my Blog, and send me an email through my Contact page.

Oil painting by Brian Guilbert on the subject of casino table gamers (2018)

Not every painter has the ability to capture the high-end gaming scene of Las Vegas. This is where the web store GuilArt comes in, an online exhibit of exciting, original oil paintings on the subject of casino gaming in Las Vegas. As the creator of these works or art, and proprietor of GuilArt, I bring you amazing and never before seen paintings. My paintings do justice to the color and culture of Las Vegas’ main attraction - gaming and gamers - as I’m sure you will agree. As a Las Vegas local myself for many years, I feel qualified to represent the unique enthusiasm of Vegas at play. I take pride in Las Vegas, and the professionalism needed to live and work here.