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Tough Luck

By Guil

November 14, 2019

Brian Guilbert "Tough Guy" 2019 oil on paper 24 x 30 in.
Brian Guilbert “Tough Guy” 2019 oil on paper 24 x 30 in.

You must admit shady characters are interesting. Don’t wear leather unless you mean it, was once a saying, and because that excludes me it makes me wonder what it’s like. While leather wear can be costly, as a status symbol it denotes a less-than-respectable adventurer, a tough guy. Ironically, it won’t secure a good table at a fine restaurant, and possibly no table at all. I learned to my embarrassment the importance of appropriate wear for admission to various venues. A leather bar, perhaps, or some place more sinister? Keeping in mind that the purpose of leather wear is to protect a motorcycle rider in the event of a tumble, a den of Hell’s Angels would be the most likely destination. You have to wonder what one is doing in a five-star hotel wearing one. It may be that the wearer is a celebrity-even a rock star-and the outfit is part of an image. Out of respect for the privacy of my subjects I purposely obscure likeness. Some critics object that individual likeness emerges even from an abstract style of painting. Sticking to my story, I conceal my failure to recognize famous people by refusing to confirm or deny if a likeness is intentional. Let everyone enjoy the fantasy of being somebody famous once-in-a-while -even if they are, in fact, famous.

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