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Strip Swagger

By Guil

December 27, 2019

Street Swagger raster image
Brian Guilbert “Strip Swagger” (2015) digital image

This guy in the picture has a winning payout slip in his hip pocket and he’s on top of the world. Why not? He earned it. When they say, “That’s how we roll,” it’s like the Wheel of Fortune everyday. One day you’re up, the next day, well, let’s enjoy our good luck while it lasts. This scene is repeated endlessly in Las Vegas. I have taken countless snapshots of Strip characters like it. The way I work, is, to snap photos from the hip–and I mean with the camera at waist level, or lower (because everybody hates paparazzi), and later, in post-production, look for details of interest. The raw photograph itself is almost always problematic from a curatorial point of view; the plethora of background detail, for example, can be a distraction. Since all photographic process will be digital from now on, you may count on any given photo getting the PhotoShop treatment, no matter how minor. It’s just too easy to do when the picture is a digital file and instantly accessible to graphics programs. I have several specialized applications and use them all. Who knows, but someone might want to buy a print, and all I have to do is point and click.

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