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Should have stood.

By Guil

November 21, 2020

Brian Guilbert "Hit Me" 2013 oil on panel 18 x 20 in.
Brian Guilbert “Hit Me” 2013 oil on panel 18 x 20 in.

Risk means knowing how to lose. Only through real risk can you discover character. Something valuable must be at stake. Think of it as more of an opportunity than risk, and as with any mundane investment, where doubt is a given, and success is never assured. A desire to test the rules drives any risky action. Indeed, professional risk managers avoid unnecessary risks, and, equally important, they avoid chance when the end can be calculated. Certainly, a calculated risk must have a consideration. Through the objectivity of the proposition, the fine print, and the art of thinking about art, it has in fact become a place for the autonomy of the best and most positive factors in the most fluid state that can occur over time. This recognition appears as an unexpectedly strong personal aesthetic, as we usually deal with a tyranny of individual identities in an implausible script, however unattractive. On the other hand, the new aesthetic is a synthesis, which occurs, more often, with popular acceptance. It is the situation of a well‐worn script, one that hides a deliberately tendentious choice, in gaming and art, through the contribution of narrative feedback. A small selection of pictures, sometimes with hysterical cameos of the ghost writer, and the strange, Surreal absence of awareness during the creative phase, and at other times moving with the calming charm of extensive time dilation, with everyone involved attacking the artist’s motives serving as a diversion -all while the game goes on.

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