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Second Chance

By Guil

September 18, 2019

Brian Guilbert “Action Painting” 2013 oil on stretcher 45 x 38 in.
Brian Guilbert “Action Painting” 2013 oil on stretcher 45 x 38 in.

It started out as an uneventful gaming table scene. When I returned to it after a heated argument with a certain somebody it went South. I can’t say I don’t like the result. The art of painting is about painting, after all, not incidental scenes. Those accidental effects caused by the artist’s loss of control over a slippery brush handle, inadvertent smudges, misjudged paint placement, and the like, all contribute to what art lovers love about art. Annoyingly, many art lovers seem to enjoy deviations from realistic depiction of the subject more than accuracy. What artist would not paint to perfection unless, perhaps, he was a madman? While I try to be a perfectionist, I hope I am not so arrogant as to completely dismiss the feelings of my viewers. Not everyone can be an artist, as not everyone has an appreciation for art, but when they have it, they can tell me things about my work I never knew before. Buying art, of course, is the ultimate compliment. Criticism is just as useful -and it’s free. It is my observation that artists who give away work-to charitable auctions, for example-always pick the worst examples to donate, work they don’t mind parting with. Now, try to imagine a charitable auction in which (1) artists were asked to donate a work of art, and (2) the selection committee were allowed to choose the work. It is, and will always be hypothetical, because such terms would never meet with agreement. If any of the works donated under such terms were offered for bidding, and failed to find a buyer, the artists’ egos would be devastated, the selection committee would look incompetent, and the whole lot of bidders would be tarred with the same scandalous brush!

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