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Party People

By Guil

January 22, 2020

Brian Guilbert “Party” 2020 oil on paper 30” x 24”
Brian Guilbert “Party” 2020 oil on paper 30” x 24”

When I discovered an artistic subject in the Las Vegas scene, I thought I had hit the jackpot, artistically. My only hesitation was about my ability to take it on, given how big the subject was. Here is more material for creative picture-making than I could cover in a lifetime. If only I had thought of it before! It’s not as if I didn’t have clues. My High School buddy used to tell of his longing to turn 21 -so that he could come to Las Vegas. We thought him a little different, humoring his eccentricity. About a year ago, we got in touch again through a website recently established for our graduating class. My buddy and I had lost touch for many years. Among the many alternations of fate which had taken place in the meantime, it turns out he had been in Las Vegas several times while I was here. The disappointment at having missed the opportunity to meet was the more bittersweet given the fact that he now has cancer, and cannot return. Reminiscing with just one such former school mate was unsettling enough, but the sum of all my estranged schoolmates aggregated in one easily accessible place—with updates by text & email—was enough to make me question my priorities in life. I am now less certain that Las Vegas in itself is as important to me, artistically, as the lifelong memories that I have of ‘Vegas. Certainly, others feel the same. The vast reach smart ‘phones and always-connected Internet affords the self-publication of personal photos makes these moments poignant testimony of a shared, every-man (and woman), experience. Who are all these people, and why do they touch me? We might have been High School friends. They are that familiar. 

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