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By Guil

August 26, 2020

Brian Guilbert "Runnin' Rebels" 2019 oil on paper 24 x 30 in.
Brian Guilbert “Runnin’ Rebels” 2019 oil on paper 24 x 30 in.

To take risks is to invite trouble, so that the artist must say, if asked about the gaps in a painting, that further cooperation is denied. It has been said of the audience, when it refused to see what was avoided, that the best policy still seems to be telling the truth ‐but with a twist, not an experience that leaves bad feelings. If organizational abstract humor is the main theme of the exhibition, then this is my funny face and farce. Can anyone imagine how embarrassing it is, thinking everything is okay, when abstract painting, which is currently out of favor because of the relentless severity of its sadness, comes to mind? Abstract painting’s effect on tragedy, with its accidental drips and drops,  sprinkles and  sprays, including  intentional errors, is enough to make one blush. The simulated blood of broken body parts, both real, physical, evidence as well as derived, once again receives the stamp of visceral authenticity. And if that doesn’t play, it’s still worth all the emotional comedy a deductive artist (like myself), can put into a painting.

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