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By Guil

February 7, 2020

Brian Guilbert “Faces” 2020 oil on paper 30” x 24”
Brian Guilbert “Faces” 2020 oil on paper 30” x 24”

Isn’t it almost more fun to see people having fun than having fun yourself? That’s a trick question, because the premise is on looking, not fun. Art is looking. Not just looking at people being active—animated, one might say, but people having fun that attracts attention. I’m not convinced everybody doesn’t feel the same as I do about people having fun, and in this new direction my work is taking, I’m betting they do. These first examples are limited in size because I am trying to run out the clock on a large roll of heavy-weight bond paper I obtained for trial-and-error oil painting sketches. The paintings featured in my web store were done with a steel palette knife, and over the time I worked on that series, I felt like I lost my touch for the brush. Oil painting sketches on paper are a breeze, for several good reasons, most importantly because oil painting medium doesn’t affect paper like water based paint. Cost is negligible with paper, a factor which changes when the format increases in size. Oil painting on big, stretched canvas is the absolute standard for fine art mediums -but cost prohibitive. The plan, therefore, is to transition from oil medium to acrylic when the paper runs out. The remaining oil paint will keep on the shelf for a long time, long enough until I can return to it to develop other subjects I have in mind, subjects better handled with the palette knife.

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