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Second Chance

It started out as an uneventful gaming table scene. When I returned to it after a heated argument with a certain somebody it went South. I can’t say I don’t like the result. The art of painting is about painting, after all, not incidental scenes. Those accidental effects caused by the artist’s loss of control…
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Alfresco with Oil

To paint as often as possible, in other words, to practice, it is necessary to paint on paper. It’s more economical than working on canvas or panel. A painter can try a lot of new ideas on paper without concern about success or failure. If it fails little is lost, and nothing tried is ever…
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Crouching Tiger

It was a delight to realize that Asians are an essential feature of the gaming casino landscape and, for my purpose, subject matter for art. Saving face is of paramount importance to Asians. That fact makes painting portraits of them challenging. It is said nobody likes one’s own portrait; perhaps the opposite will prove true…
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I should have stood.

Looking at the history of human civilization, and for those purposes the art of mankind, one subject stands above all, and that is Man himself. An exception is the cave so-called art of Neanderthals. The subject of animals dominates that scene, hunting being the main occupation of prehistoric man, not non-essentials such as art (as…
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Blue Chip Art

A great article about investing in art published by Stock Investor (online magazine). As explanation why I, an artist, would be browsing investing news, my excuse is it was by chance. I have an automated Google search for art+las+vegas, which turns up all kinds of unexpected results, and now-and-then, a find I would not have…
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Lucky Strike

As my Las Vegas artistic theme progressed, I tempered my excitement by methodically photographing work as it was completed. It was not yet ready to publicize, or even review privately, but I knew the time would come. What I did not anticipate when I narrowed the focus of my efforts on this distinctive subject, was…
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