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Warm Table

Not being mired in the supposed limitations game theory attached to the practice of painting makes possible the promise of trans‐objective art. Many people have trouble understanding abstract art because of the subject. If the artist starts with himself (not with reality), then the work is abstract. If the artist disconnects from reality, then the…
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Should have stood.

Risk means knowing how to lose. Only through real risk can you discover character. Something valuable must be at stake. Think of it as more of an opportunity than risk, and as with any mundane investment, where doubt is a given, and success is never assured. A desire to test the rules drives any risky…
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Goal Post

Art, like gambling, is about the risks that come into play against an unknown factor facilitating the rapid redistribution of wealth in your favor. Gamblers of any type believe that they have a gift to be nurtured and allowed to flower. It has to do with time, as a dice game which suddenly turns hot,…
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The New Boz

My friend Boz is subject to epileptic seizures. The first time I had ever witnessed one was in the 6th Grade of elementary school. The kid we now call “Boz” was given the assignment of speaking before the class. He spoke well until he paused, and then, as we waited, fell forwards onto the floor…
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Locals Action

To take risks is to invite trouble, so that the artist must say, if asked about the gaps in a painting, that further cooperation is denied. It has been said of the audience, when it refused to see what was avoided, that the best policy still seems to be telling the truth ‐but with a…
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Being here

Post-historical connoisseurs of art have criticized art as a theatrical reviewer would critique a stage play, and in so doing, granted no right to historical indebtedness, drawing attention to fear factors, claiming it was for the kids, a typical ploy for sympathy practiced as entertainment and even as popular culture that pull at the heartstrings.…
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