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Next in Line

What seems to be emerging is an awareness of a bigger subject in Las Vegas, that of pure fun, beyond the familiar context of gaming and play. Painting thus goes snooping through the subconscious, surprised by some components of the soft palate of familiar images cut from a magazine. Consciously starry‐eyed minors gathering inspiration from…
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Liquid Reunion

The most obvious decreasing fingerprints of the root of all things, as mobile, and rotating in the glow of rare earths, is from the outset an apparent (what may be called) Freudian slip. What is a fan blade, rustling back and forth, and triangular piano if the game is rigged? Every 15 minutes, a black and…
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In your Facebook

Isn’t it almost more fun to see people having fun than having fun yourself? That’s a trick question, because the premise is on looking, not fun. Art is looking. Not just looking at people being active—animated, one might say, but people having fun that attracts attention. I’m not convinced everybody doesn’t feel the same as…
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Fashionably Late

“Dinner is never just dinner” -is the a tagline from an electronic billboard advertisement seen around Las Vegas lately. Similarly, a party pic is more than just that—it’s meaningful. Everybody knows amateurs rule photography. Professional photographers agree. Amateur photographs are also an ideal reference for painting, unlike professional photos (stock photos), or the photographs of…
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Party People

When I discovered an artistic subject in the Las Vegas scene, I thought I had hit the jackpot, artistically. My only hesitation was about my ability to take it on, given how big the subject was. Here is more material for creative picture-making than I could cover in a lifetime. If only I had thought…
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Jersey Boys

Winning is effortless. Anybody can win. Not just anybody proves to be capable of sustaining a heavy loss. Famous gamblers die with nothing left to their names but fame. The story has been repeated so many times as to be an accepted rule of the game. Am I getting across the idea that there is…
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