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I should have stood.

Looking at the history of human civilization, and for those purposes the art of mankind, one subject stands above all, and that is Man himself. An exception is the cave so-called art of Neanderthals. The subject of animals dominates that scene, hunting being the main occupation of prehistoric man, not non-essentials such as art (as…
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Blue Chip Art

A great article about investing in art published by Stock Investor (online magazine). As explanation why I, an artist, would be browsing investing news, my excuse is it was by chance. I have an automated Google search for art+las+vegas, which turns up all kinds of unexpected results, and now-and-then, a find I would not have…
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Lucky Strike

As my Las Vegas artistic theme progressed, I tempered my excitement by methodically photographing work as it was completed. It was not yet ready to publicize, or even review privately, but I knew the time would come. What I did not anticipate when I narrowed the focus of my efforts on this distinctive subject, was…
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Gaming with Art

It is worth recounting how the bottom fell out of subject matter in art, if only because its return is felt as urgently as it is by artists in recent years. Before the impressionist painters discovered natural light’s indifference to subject matter, how it can beautify even mud, by redeeming whatever it touches with supra-mundane…
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Luck Happens

Gamblers play to win. They don’t care if it costs a fortune. They either understand that the odds are against winning, or they don’t give a damn about abstruse statistical theory. Just once they want to ride to the top of the wheel of fortune. Despite apparent irrationality, it’s not only possible, it is a…
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The Art of Arbitrage

The role of the subject in art took a beating in the 20th Century. Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) threw the first Molotov cocktail of the rebellion. “I want to astonish Paris with an apple,” Cezanne is said to have said, and with that, the subject in art became incidental. Picasso looked up to him like a…
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