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Party NOW

How high is the painting, and can it support a similar physical state at the bottom of each of what appears to be the remains of a combination of bright colors in a scene of raw white? Plunged into an ambiguity that inhabits the space between the floor and the ceiling, it looks like the…
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На посошок – one for the road!

When people have something fresh to say about the theme of “elegance,” “concept,” and “thinking outside the box,” by using the well‐defined rules, laws and constraints, hardware, software, computer networks and systems in the universe, but play with them like a game, how creative and innovative is that? Solve problems and achieve goals. We have…
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There you are, when you’re doing what you’re doing, they, you, and I, communicating with each other, sharing the luxury of being. We must condone being normal when it comes to life as the experience of art, and then, believing it to be a work of art with a strong sense of beauty, to find…
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Break Even

The real sense of memory is an explosion of hidden information and fragmented constructs of various works within the parameters of abstraction, color, space, thoroughly exploiting the emotional kaleidoscope, and serving as a platform for knowledge. You may decide that this painting is an important public announcement of a new imaging technique to project a…
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Warm Table

Not being mired in the supposed limitations game theory attached to the practice of painting makes possible the promise of trans‐objective art. Many people have trouble understanding abstract art because of the subject. If the artist starts with himself (not with reality), then the work is abstract. If the artist disconnects from reality, then the…
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Should have stood.

Risk means knowing how to lose. Only through real risk can you discover character. Something valuable must be at stake. Think of it as more of an opportunity than risk, and as with any mundane investment, where doubt is a given, and success is never assured. A desire to test the rules drives any risky…
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