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Tough Luck

You must admit shady characters are interesting. Don’t wear leather unless you mean it, was once a saying, and because that excludes me it makes me wonder what it’s like. While leather wear can be costly, as a status symbol it denotes a less-than-respectable adventurer, a tough guy. Ironically, it won’t secure a good table…
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Hey, deuce.

Advantage play eventually catches up to a player. For example, staring at the cards is a well-known tell that the player is counting. The concentration is that obvious. While peoplewatching in Las Vegas, the first tell that can be recognized is the look of concern on a gambler’s face -even while he’s not playing. The…
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The Bomb

The featured ‘phone camera snapshot shows a view of the recent Palms Casino make-over which (to my knowledge) has never before been seen in the mainstream press. That’s understandable. It would send the wrong message in the Travel Section. Every vacation resort destination in the world has its off-the-beaten path areas where travelers should not…
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View from the Top

I am about to paint-over this small abstract painting. It is a momentous event (for me), because I have kept it all these years as a memento of New York City. As a youthful artist I had an attraction for New York. Everyone should see New York. I stayed for ten years. It was never…
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Second Chance

It started out as an uneventful gaming table scene. When I returned to it after a heated argument with a certain somebody it went South. I can’t say I don’t like the result. The art of painting is about painting, after all, not incidental scenes. Those accidental effects caused by the artist’s loss of control…
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Alfresco with Oil

To paint as often as possible, in other words, to practice, it is necessary to paint on paper. It’s more economical than working on canvas or panel. A painter can try a lot of new ideas on paper without concern about success or failure. If it fails little is lost, and nothing tried is ever…
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