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Rock n’ Roll

The real sense of losing oneself is in an explosion of hidden information and fragmented constructs of various meanings within the parameters of abstraction, color, space, thoroughly exploiting the emotional  kaleidoscope, and serving as a platform for discovery. You may decide that this painting is an important public announcement of a new imaging technique to project…
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Ganbei, to you!

Question by question, alluding to a specific event which has erased private partnerships, without the need for establishing the event itself to undo what cannot be undone, that it is friendly enough to be subjective in nature and universal. And why? This will be reflected in the context of the languages of different cultures through…
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With a Slice of Lime

Waking is a very personal act, as much, or more than, performance, a sign of our world in constant change. By collapse of the system, this equilibrium is defined by its inability to fall into complete chaos. Collecting art when there is no composition, above all, the system stays balanced. The paradox of the order…
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There you are.

And then there you are, doing what you do best, us and them, communicating with each other, sharing the pleasures of the text. We must condone writing the normal way when it comes to life as the experience of art, and then, believing it to be the work of art, and with a strong sense…
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Bring the Noise

I once grew orchids in my head, full service claustrophobic terror syndrome points and white ball shots, for pleasure and excitement. Considered as artifacts in a glass cabinet, row upon row of nails narrowly peeling an unstable line, it struck me that the wall and its shadow are but the projection of what we have…
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Next in Line

What seems to be emerging is an awareness of a bigger subject in Las Vegas, that of pure fun, beyond the familiar context of gaming and play. Painting thus goes snooping through the subconscious, surprised by some components of the soft palate of familiar images cut from a magazine. Consciously starry‐eyed minors gathering inspiration from…
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