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Goal Post

By Guil

November 5, 2020

Brian Guilbert "Fan" 2020 oil on paper 24 x 30 in.
Brian Guilbert “Fan” 2020 oil on paper 24 x 30 in.

Art, like gambling, is about the risks that come into play against an unknown factor facilitating the rapid redistribution of wealth in your favor. Gamblers of any type believe that they have a gift to be nurtured and allowed to flower. It has to do with time, as a dice game which suddenly turns hot, and like the way an artist suddenly becomes a hot ticket. It is the virtue of patience, knowing the odds, and character. The discovery of a masterpiece is certainly not an everyday event, but for treasure hunters, the right attitude can facilitate or disrupt the process. Gamblers have to play, but we also write, act, explore, or create art because being a gambler, or a writer, or an explorer, or an artist, is a goal.

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