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Alfresco with Oil

By Guil

September 10, 2019

Brian Guilbert “Gaming Table with Blue Chairs” 2019 oil on paper 30 x 24 in.
Brian Guilbert “Gaming Table with Blue Chairs” 2019 oil on paper 30 x 24 in.

To paint as often as possible, in other words, to practice, it is necessary to paint on paper. It’s more economical than working on canvas or panel. A painter can try a lot of new ideas on paper without concern about success or failure. If it fails little is lost, and nothing tried is ever a total failure. Whatever it was I may have had in mind may never be tried by me again, but on the positive side, successful attempts can be taken to the next level at less risk of wasted materials had the concept failed. The image displayed with this blog update is successful, except for a small but significant error (in which the hand of the artist slipped) causing a distracting smudge. Some critics argue that it is the accidents of art that make art interesting, but I suspect it is the personal idiosyncrasy of the artist which onlookers mistake for controlled accidents. In this instance trying to correct the mistake drew attention to the problem. It is only inconspicuous due to the limitations of the digital media involved. It is offered here as an example of the type of work I am doing at this time, and in this instance, for reduced price.

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