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На посошок – one for the road!

By Guil

March 15, 2021

Brian Guilbert "To you" 2020 oil on paper 24 x 30 in.
Brian Guilbert “To you” 2020 oil on paper 24 x 30 in.

When people have something fresh to say about the theme of “elegance,” “concept,” and “thinking outside the box,” by using the well‐defined rules, laws and constraints, hardware, software, computer networks and systems in the universe, but play with them like a game, how creative and innovative is that? Solve problems and achieve goals. We have a class of people that have global publicity and marketing talent, and in the process have indoctrinated deafening hyper-kinetic children through a special channel that we call information. In the future, when Art is many cliches about excellence, and is not as effective as computer engineering, will there be Art? This or that hacker may be very good at what he does, can write a script, and do what others cannot do, because it is challenging. Identity theft is a motive to be someone else and do things in a new way. To solve the problems of the imagination and think outside the box, that the hacker will not do. You can be a great programmer and not care about that, like someone who is technically a great artist, and would never succeed because of a philosophy, a preconceived idea. Was it not an UltraVox song from the 70s, that went, you can be who you want when no one knows your name? And thus, so it seems, whenever you try to do anything different, it is almost as if it is not ever an appropriate time -because it is not the appropriate medium.

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